Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love [anthology]

Full of dark seduction and modern romance, this short story collection presents a variety of talented voices sure to satisfy every werewolf, ghost, fallen angel, zombie, and shape-shifter’s dark desires.

First things first, from the moment I heard of this book I could not help but salivate over it just at the thought of so many of my favorite authors all within the same book. Here is a quick synopsis of the stories inside:

The Assassin's Apprentice by Michelle Zink - This was actually one of my favorites stories. It deals with vengeance, danger and love. I really hope Ms. Zink will endeavor in creating a series or even a stand-alone about these characters. I'm definitely interested in learning more about them.

Errant by Diana Peterfreund - If you've read Ms. Peterfreund's Rampant, then you'll definitely recognize this world. It's a story about two very different individuals who can find a common ground - their love of a unicorn.

The Spirit Jar by Karen Mahoney - This is the first that I've read by Ms. Mahoney. She's very clever. I loved her witty characters that were snarky and sarcastic (my favorite type). Not to mention any girl with the name Moth gets two thumbs up in my book. The story did feel a little long, but I think Ms. Mahoney used her space wisely.

Lost by Justine Musk - This is also the first time I read anything by Ms. Musk. Sasha is good at finding things. With Haiden's assistance she'll learn to find lost souls. Very beautifully written. But also very sad. I really hope Ms. Musk writes more on this - my interest was definitely piqued.

The Spy Who Never Grew Up by Sarah Rees Brennan - What a fun story. In The Spy Who Never Grew Up, you will be surprised to find that the infamous Peter Pan is a spy. Ashley, who just happens to be one of Wendy's ancestors, comes along for the ride.

Dungeons Of Langeais by Becca Fitzpatrick - This story takes place about 300 years before Patch meets Nora. This is the history between Chauncey and Patch. I really liked this one because you learn of what life in Cheshvan is like. Plus, I'm a big fan of Hush Hush and Crescendo so this one could do no wrong.

Behind the Red Door by Caitlin Kittredge - This is a ghost story. When Jo's best friend dares her to enter a house that is believed to be haunted, Jo can't help but take the dare. There she meets Nicholas whom she falls head over heels for. But Nicholas is not who she thinks and she finds herself in deadly trouble. This one was hands down my favorite. It was very creepy and had some unexpected twists that I did not see coming.

Hare Moon by Carrie Ryan - For fans of Ms. Ryan's previous works The Forest of Hands and Teeth and The Dead-Tossed Waves (like me)... this is a treat, one that will hopefully hold you over until the next book in the series. In Hare Moon you read about Tabitha and Patrick and their forbidden love. Living in separate towns, they meet at the gates to talk and dream of marriage, but when Patrick stops coming around, Tabitha has no other option but to become a nun. Then Patrick returns - claiming that his whole family has perished from an unknown virus. Everyone except him and his little brother. Tabitha takes the chance of hiding him away in the church but we all know what "virus" affects the souls in Ms. Ryan's tales. As always, Ms. Ryan's stories are bittersweet, heartbreaking but so beautifully told. And for those of you who have read her previous novels, then you'll be glad to read more about the detested Sister Tabitha and get insight into what made her the tough and unforgiving woman she is when we first meet her.

Familiar by Michelle Rowen - I really liked this one too. In it Brenda needs to find a familiar (a pet that is used to enhance magic) in order to follow in her mother's footsteps as a successful witch. She picks Owen, a near death kitty - but Owen turns out to be something unexpected. This was the cutest story ever. I really liked Brenda and Owen. There were some swoon-worthy moments in this one.

Fearless by Rachel Vincent - Sadly I haven't read any of Ms. Vincent's books so I wasn't fully understanding of banshees and whatnot. But this was still a good story. It held somewhat of a mystery and I liked how it all resolved.

Vermillion by Daniel Marks - There was a bit too much going on in this one for me to fully enjoy. This happens sometimes with short stories where an author tries to give you too much information and the reader just ends up getting confused. The premise was good though - I like the thought of ghosts having otherworldly missions.

The Hounds of Ulster by Maggie Stiefvater - This story is about faeries! I love Maggie's faeries. Also one of the best stories in the book. This is the story of Sullivan and Bryant. As always, brilliantly told and talk about a shocker ending. One of my faves.

Many Happy Returns by Daniel Waters - This story ties into Mr. Waters' Generation Dead series. I think Mr. Waters poignantly captures one fathers love for his daughter after she is in a car wreck that claims the lives of four teenagers. I teared up over Cal's loss of his beloved daughter Mandy - but even more so at his expectancy of her return.

The stories were all good - some better than others, of course, but relatively all of them were readable. I know that I loved the introduction to new authors that, if these stories are any indication, are definitely going to be added to my to be read list. As with all short stories, most of them leave you wanting more - but all in all, I found them to be very satisfying. Overall this was a very enjoyable anthology that for many will be the introduction to a vast variety of new authors. I recommend to lovers of the genre as well as to those that are looking for a glimpse into those worlds that they already know and love.

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Tales of Whimsy said...

Oooo I need this. Great reviews.

kay - Infinite Shelf said...

I read the first anthology (The Eternal Kiss) and really enjoyed it, too. I'm glad to know this one is great! I'll add it to my wishlist.

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