For Keeps by Natasha Friend

Title: For Keeps
Author: Natasha Friend
Pages: 272
Genre: YA/Teen
Source: Library

From the moment I opened to the first page of For Keeps, I instantly knew  I was going to love this book.  Told through Josie's perspective - with a fresh, young voice, we learn of her relationship with her young mother - who is as much a parent as a best friend.  Josie and her mother, Kate, are as close as a mother and daughter can get.  It has always been the two of them against the world -but when Kate suddenly becomes interested in a man, the close-knit relationship with her daughter starts to crumble.  Aside from the problems the mother and daughter team are facing - there is also the reality of Josie's dad.  Paul Tucci (said dad), has never been in the picture.  The thought of him alone can make mature and capable Kate go into a hyperventilating fit.  So when Paul's parents move back to town, you know nothing good can come of this... or can it?

I really loved this book.  From start to finish I was invested in these characters lives.  Josie had this strong and memorable voice.  She was very mature for her age - yet at the same time she was innocent and gullible.  I absolutely loved the relationship between her and Kate.  For some reason, parents aren't a big factor in YA books.  In fact, in most books they're just someone mentioned in passing.  Rarely do you ever see them play a major role.  That is not the case in For Keeps - Kate's role in the book is just as important at Josie's. 

Aside from Josie and Kate, there were some other characters that I loved as well.  I absolutely loved Liv, Josie's best friend.  She brought a smile to my face every time she came in a room - with her quirky fashion sense, snarky remarks and sarcastic humor.  Riggs, Josie's love interest, was also a highlight.  I liked the push and pull between them - but I especially liked the way that Josie was able to stand up for herself and her feelings - not letting her love for him blindside her.    I love a strong female and you definitely find that in Josie.

I think Ms. Friend does a superb job in creating a realistic, heartfelt, coming of age story in For Keeps.  The novel exudes love and charm and definitely leaves you feeling good at its closure.  This was a very enjoyable read and one that I can highly recommend.

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Lola said...

I really enjoyed this one as well! I am so glad you liked it! :) Fab review! :)

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Oh, this sounds just lovely! Thanks for the review. I hadn't heard of this book before!

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