Bookcase of the Week - Starring... Stephanie & Athenna of Paranormal Haven


In today's Bookcase of the Week we have the duo team of Stephanie & Athenna who run the wonderful Paranormal Haven.  I don't know about you guys, but Paranormal Haven has become one of my favorite hangouts as of late.  For one, these girls love a good urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and then they have these  posts called Eye Candy of the Week - yowza!  Anyway I contacted Steph & Athenna and invited them to play along and show us their bookcases, here's what they had to say:

Stephanie's Shelf

I've seen more than a few really awesome bookcases here on Bookcase of the Week. Mine is nowhere near as fancy so I decided to take my pictures in black and white to make it seem a little less.....blah.

Here is my bookcase. The books facing away represent my TBR pile. Well half anyways. I have an equal amount, if not more, waiting for me on my Kindle. Question: Am I the only one who likes to put their books on the shelf according to how much I like them? I.E. favorite books get the top shelf and books you'll probably never read get the space close to the floor?

This is a picture of my bed (guess you could have figured that one out on your own huh?). There is my laptop where I do most of my blog work on and my Kindle 2 in its lovely plaid cover. That annoyed looking creature front and center is my cat Jaz. Apparently he didn't care for me interrupting his nap time.

Athenna's Shelf

Here is my reading spot. Yes in all the madness I manage to actually read. They yell , fight and crawl all over me while I'm reading but it doesn't slow me down a bit . Just an occasional " Stop that! " or " Leave your bother/sister alone!" then back to the book.

My ever growing TBR pile!! lol I swear one day I will actually get to read some of them and not keep getting new ones first. lol I'm doing better, I have read two books from this pile since I took the picture.

We currently are in between homes so I don't have an actual book shelf so I have more of a book pile that looks like it is about to fall over. lol. You can see all the good ones are front and center so I can reread often.

Stephanie & Athenna you guys rock!!  Thank you so much for allowing us into your homes.   Stephanie I love black and white pictures, but even without that, your bookcase is pretty amazing. Athenna your reading space looks like mine - except you have one more kid than I do.  I read with little feet on my face, or someone sprawled across me, etc. but that's alright, I love having my little monkeys around me at all times.

For those of you who haven't passed on through to Stephanie and Athenna's yet, please visit them here (tell them I say HI!)

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Unknown said...

It's not the bookcase that matters, it's the magic it holds that does :)

I am amazed that you can actually read when the children running amok. LOL

Thanks for sharing ladies!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Book Vixen. I'm hoping Santa will bring me something nice and sturdy from IKEA to hold all my magic this Christmas :-D

Look at my adorable niece and nephews. Of course I think they are adorable because that is not my bed they are crowding.

Thanks for having us over Nely!
Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Teril said...

You ladies do totally rock. I love the site and pics of bookcases are so much fun to see ;)

Tales of Whimsy said...

Nice! I love that reading spot!

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

I love this feature! It always makes me smile!

Michelle said...

The kitty looks quite paranormal too!

Anonymous said...

Michelle - Yes my cat likes to lurk in the shadows (i.e. under my bed) and spring out at me to get my feet then rush back under the bed. Jerk

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Charleydog said...

I love your bookcases. I shelve my "not-read" books in a similar manner. And Jaz is the perfect reading companion. Every night my Micky Mouse accompanies me to bed where I read about an hour before sleep. She is a creature of habit and insists on an 9 pm bedtime.

pboylecharley AT hotmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

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