Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon

All the hints and plot points leading up to this one book made it so exciting to read.

It was a very good book, but I wish the second part had been filled out more, more in depth, like the other Dark-Hunter stories were. It seemed like too much time was spent detailing just how much cruelty and depravity was forced onto Ash, and not nearly enough time was spent exploring the Ash of today, and his relationship with Tory. The first part wasn't a walk in the park to read. It was hard to picture and get through but I think that’s what Sherrilyn wanted, she stated in her Authors Note that the first part would be brutal but that's just how Acheron lived. It was the cold hard truth. After the first part, It was all laughs, thrills, sexual tension and kick ass-ing. Loved how the ending left so many new beginnings for the series.

Overall, excellent read. Required reading for any SK fan or minion.

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