Michael & Anais' Wedding

Here are the pics from the wedding. Everything came out really nice although the weather sucked and it was really hot. I was able to get my make-up done at the Chanel counter with no line no waiting with their *coughs* International Make-Up Artist[e]. Actually he was really nice and did a fantastic job. He made sure that I looked all lifelike vs. the hospital pallor I had that morning. I just had my hair blowed out and I got a really nice pair of flat sandals that matched perfectly with my dress. We got to the wedding late, but luckilly there were more important people who got there after us so I didn't feel that bad. We took a crapload of pictures - this isn't half of them (my hubby got a little carried away). So considering I was handicapped we made the best of it and hung out until I was in so much pain I needed to be rushed home and given 2 Percocet and a bed. I'm glad I didn't miss it.

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