The weekend is over already. So instead of going cropping yesterday as planned, we went to my brother Leo's house for a bbq. Jenna has been dying to play with her cousing Bryan and since they called for us to go over I could not turn them down.

We got to their house around 3:30p - the kids and I were fresh from our naps. They played and ran around and just had a good 'ol time. We left their house around 9:30p. James passed out in the car before we had even left their neighborhood. Jenna stayed up till we got home so she got bathed and snuggled up like a bug in a rug. She was out in less than 5 mins.

This morning we went out for breakfast and then over to my grandma's house. The kids love that too. So they ran around in the yard and they ate all their favorite goodies until about noon. Once they were out for naps, I worked on laundry and my September calendar (yes, I know it's already mid-month) and cleaned up the house a bit. Julio worked on his fish tank and on my laundry room shelves (which he took over with his paintball crap). Then we had dinner at Beef O'Brady's to watch the football game, went to Publix for groceries and finally watched Baby Mama before bed. phew.

That's it. Tomrrow's Monday and it's back to work. Plus the boss is back in town. ugh. I was finally able to finish Edgar Sawtelle - I ended up getting into it and eventually liked it. Now I'm reading The Time Traveller's Wife - which so far has me hooked.

Current book-in-progress: The Time Traveller's Wife
Current movie/tv obsession: My Blueberry Nights
iTunes Loop: You Got the Right Stuff - NKOTB

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