I'm excited because my boss won't be in the office tomorrow or Friday. Can I hear a woot woot! I know, cheap thrills.

Other than that, bored off my ass. Nothing going on at the moment. Julio won't be getting home tonight till after I'm asleep. Both kids still continue sick - but Jenna is much better. James is the one who doesn't stop coughing and has major boogie issues. Poor thing. If he's not better tomorrow I am taking him to the doctor.

Been playing PackRat again. Back to my addiction. Meaning I need to stop so I can work before I get fired - ugh. Almost done with Dark Curse - meaning I have to finish reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. I've prolonged it long enough. Whatevah.

Current book-in-progress: Dark Curse
Current movie/tv obsession: none
iTunes Loop: none

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