OMG, I am in book challenge heaven! I have found so many interesting book challenges to join. I can't wait to start some of them - although most start in '09. So exciting. But before anything, I must complete all the remaining Sookie books I was able to get yesterday. I bought the remaining 4 so that should last me 'till about mid-next week. And then I have to seriously get into these challenges.

Last night we saw The Happening. Very spooky - I wasn't able to sleep all that well after it.

I'm boring right now - not much going on. Still plan on heading out to the pumpkin patch over the weekend and finish buying goodies for the trick-or-treaters. Maybe go to the zoo.... not sure. blah

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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Current book-in-progress: Dead as a Doornail
Current movie/tv obsession: Grey's Anatomy
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Jenn Jenn said...

THE HAPPENING?! OM we watched that too on friday or saturday, and can i tell you was a CRAPPY ASS MOVIE! Que meirda... i was waiting for the twist and NOTHING... stupid worthless M. Knight Shymalanga (whatever his F'ed up name is) movie! Soooooo disappointed with it!!!

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