I am so TIRED today! so what's new? I was actually planning on hitting the sack early last night, but Michael and Anais came by with all their pictures from their honeymoon in Europe that I couldn't resist staying up and watching them. I WANNA GO! The pictures were amazing. I NEED to go to Europe and see these places. What views, what scenery, what color - ahhh, I WANNA GO!

I'm not feeling all that great today. My stomach has been acting up since after lunch yesterday and I've been a frequent visitor to the toilet since - ugh. This hadn't happened in a while - but I guess all that healthy (insert sarcasm) food I ate while at Disney didn't help my situation.

Lucky for me Julio is in town this week so I get to relax a bit with some help from him with the kids. Hopefully we get to bed early tonight and I am able to catch up on some zzz's.


P.S. - I LOVE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE! I'm dying for it to be lunch time so that I can run to the car and read some more. Okay, carry on.

Current book-in-progress: Dead Until Dark
Current movie/tv obsession: Private Practice
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