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It's Friday. Finally! This week has dragged on for me - but finally, it's Friday. Not much planned for the weekend. The usual stuff - cleaning, washing, etc. I do have to bring out all my Thanksgiving decorations, so that should be fun. The kids love when I decorate the house so they're looking forward to that.

I think on Sunday we might be hosting a barbecue at our house - but it's not confirmed yet.

I finally started reading the last Sookie book (at least until May '09). I also found this cool website that lets you read books for free (sorta like an eBooks). So I started reading Little Women. It can be an ongoing project here at work - since I can only read while at work. So I'm sure it'll take me longer than a normal book would but at least it'll keep me entertained vs. just surfing the web like I'm normally doing.

Well that's all I got. Not much going on. Have a great weekend.

Current book-in-progress: From Dead to Worse and Little Women
Current movie/tv obsession: Grey's Anatomy
iTunes Loop: Mamma Mia! Soundtrack

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