The weekend is sadly over and I'm back to sitting at my desk dwindling down my piles of work. I had a good weekend. My hubby took me to the Miami Book Fair - which was so much fun. I actually didn't get to buy anything because everyone wanted cash and I decided to take a debit card. So the joke was on me. So although I didn't get as much accomplished at the book fair as I would have liked, I did have a great time seeing all the books and chatting around with all the vendors. I got a lot of great suggestions so hopefully I'll be buying those within the next couple of weeks.

And yesterday was my friend Jennifer's Baby Shower. Which was so pretty. I didn't stay for too long because I had a major headache but I had a great time while I was there and the food was delicious.

The rest of the weekend was just the normal stuff: groceries, cleaning, washing/drying/folding clothes, some reading, etc. We've decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at our house again this year so we've begun preparations for that. And that's it - weekend's over. Back to work - bleh.

Current book-in-progress: Love Walked In
Current movie/tv obsession: Pushing Daisies
iTunes Loop: So What - Pink

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