I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris

There is just so much going on in this book and considering that this essentially is a cookbook, I read it cover to cover. Amy Sedaris is a total crack-up. With this book you will learn all the must-knows and need-to-do’s to throw a successful get-together. There are sections on how to get weird stains out post-party, tips on how to make money off your friends when you invite them over to dinner, entertaining the elderly (thread needles as take home gifts), ways to beat hangovers, or how to vomit discreetly, making all kinds of fun crafts with pantyhose - including a picture step by step tutorial on how to finagle your way into those pesky pantyhose, and plenty of other things Amy deemed essential for you to know. Aside from all the silliness, there are also some very useful tips like: "Never bring an appetizer that requires work in the host's kitchen" or "A host doesn't need more stuff on her meager counter space" or "Don't bring flowers - the hostess will have to stop everything to find a vase". Along with all the party tips there seem to be really good recipes which were simple to prepare and make, and there are some great shots of Amy (50's retro style) that were great - especially the one where she is covered in frosting with sprinkles (hilarious). So all in all, I LIKE YOU, was a pleasure to read and a book I’m sure that I will have to refer to time and time again. Amy Sedaris is my new hero!

Favorite section:
-The F*ck It Bucket - sometimes in life you just have to say "F*ck it!" and eat some motherf*cking candy.

I would also like to give a shout-out to Lisa - I won this book through a giveaway on her blog. Thanks - Lisa!


Beth F said...

This one sounds like a riot. I'll have to pick it up just for the laugh factor. Thanks for reviewing it.

Book Lover Lisa said...

Great review, Nely. So glad you enjoyed the book!

Anonymous said...

it sounds so cool :)
i can't believe she has the " how to vomit discreetly"

good one :)

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