Eye of the Whale by Douglas Carlton Abrams

Elizabeth McKay is a Marine Biologist who is working on completing her PHD with a thesis of deciphering humpback whale communication. These whales’ song, the most complex in nature, may in fact reveal secrets about the animal world that no one could have imagined. When a humpback whale makes its way up the Sacramento River with an unprecedented song, it is up to Elizabeth to save the whale - but little did she know the price of her endeavor. For as the story of the whale starts capturing the media’s attention - it also lands her in danger from forces that do not want the whale’s secrets revealed - that not only threaten her career and marriage - but her life.

Mr. Abrams has really done his homework on this one. I was captivated by this eco-thriller right from the start. Not only are the environmental issues mentioned in the story real - but there is just so much useful information within its pages - that I actually found it to be an educational tool. It really makes you think about our environment and makes you ponder what more can be done to protect our planet and everything in it.

I liked Elizabeth a lot - she was such a great heroine. And I just couldn't help falling in love with the whale as well. There was action that had me on the edge of my seat. This is great for anyone who likes reading about the environment and the issues that our ecosystem faces. This is one that will definitely stay with you long after you are done with it.

My thanks to Jaime at Pump Up Your Book Promotions and author Douglas Carlton Abrams for sending me this autographed copy for review. If you have the time check out his website - there is plenty of information there regarding the research done for the book as well as neat pictures and plenty of other goodies.


Jenny said...

I just wanted to comment to say I love your layout! (I'm a new follower)

Juju said...

Oooo sounds good.

Linda Ellen said...

Neat research! I haven't read an eco-thriller before.

Debs Desk said...

Sounds good.

Serena said...

I received this book from Doug for review. I hope to get to it soon. Thanks for the great review.

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