Hidden Currents by Christine Feehan

Elle Drake is the youngest of the seven Drake sisters and we’ve known all along that Sheriff Jackson Deveau has been destined to love her. Still knowing that she is next in line to find love - since all her sisters have now paired up with their significant others - she is farther away from home and Jackson then ever. Elle is working as undercover agent and is involved with a very dangerous and powerful man. When Elle fails to arrive home, her disappearance leaves Jackson and those witchy sisters of hers no option but to find her and rescue her from an unseen danger. But Sea Haven is no longer safe for anyone, and it will take the powers of all the Drake sisters and their men to survive the oncoming storm.

This is the final book in the Drake Sisters series (one of my favorite CF series, I might add). You all know what a sucker I am for Christine Feehan’s books and although this wasn’t what I would consider her normal type of story - this was definitely a good closing for a fantastic series. Elle and Jackson were so needy of each other - their love was poignant and just a beautiful thing to read about. I loved that we finally get Jackson’s story - we’ve known all along that he had been held prisoner against his will and we finally get to see how that affected him and makes him the quiet, brooding man that he is today. Elle’s experience was just as heart-wrenching and unfathomable as his. They are kindred spirits who used those negative experiences to help heal and eventually make them a force to be reckoned with.

I will forewarn, this is not for the faint of heart - there are scenes of rape and torture and although these scenes were explicit in nature, I am glad Ms. Feehan did not gloss or sugar coat them. I did feel that Elle’s recovery to such severe trauma was quick and not very realistic - but in the end we must just take it as it is and come to the realization that it is romantic fiction.

To anyone picking this series up for the first time, I would recommend you start from the beginning with Sarah’s story - only because you come to love and cherish each sister independently.

With that said, I am sad that this series has finally come to an end - but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there will be a new series featuring Ilya’s brothers (which might not be too far fetched since one of them did have a cameo in this story). I really enjoyed seeing where the other sisters were in their lives and, of course, those sexy men we’ve all fallen in love with along the way. This was dark and edgy - but also full of love, hope and forgiveness. A fantastic read and highly recommended to romance lovers.


Juju said...

Sounds interesting. What's the name of the 1st book in the series?


Debbie F said...

I loved this series! And as you said you have to start at the beginning with Sarah. I think my favorite was Hannah or maybe Jocelyn, no...Sarah, no - I loved them all! Sorry its over but like you I think there will be the 7 brothers coming up, at least I hope!

Nely said...

Debbie F - lol... I know I'm torn too about which is a favorite. I really like Hannah - but just because I loved Jonas so much too. I was looking forward to her book since the first one when you already have that feeling that they're meant for one another. But then again, Ilya was uber hott too. He was the epitome of the bad boy and I have to say that his and Joley's story also one that I'd consider a favorite.

Froggy said...

I love Feehan too and this series...but i found this book a bit sad to start with...I hated she had to put Elle through all that...It is my least favorite book. I loved Jolie and Ilya's book and Hannah and Jonas's...those were my favorite 2.

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