Fragment by Warren Fahy

The ocean exploration reality show, SeaLife, is lacking in ratings. And when a distress call is received from a remote island, they think this might be their break in boosting up their fast-declining ratings. Henders Island is surrounded by a 700 foot cliff wall and its location is so remote that it has remained isolated for hundreds of millions of years. Due its circumstances - Henders Island has its own ecosystem - creating life which to us would seem alien in nature. When the SeaLife cast docks in Henders and are attacked and killed by the resident species - it is believed to be a hoax... but the President, military and scientists have quite a dilemma in their hands.

Although a bit reminiscent of Jurassic Park - I got sucked in by this book right from the first chapter. I will forewarn that there is quite a bit of scientific lingo in this book - that I will never fully grasp much less ever pronuunce correctly. But with that said, I loved this story. It was so interesting. I loved the description of the creatures living on this island. The drawings of these critters and the dissection chapters were amazingly descriptive. The characters were witty, clever and, considering their scary circumstances, funny. This was well-written and ,although a bit unrealistic, it was quite the edge of your seat read.

Full of adventure, drama and a lot of deadly situations, this is one sci-fi thriller I can definitely be seen made into a movie. You sci-fi, Michael Crichton-esque lovers will find a gem in this one.


Vanessa Book ♥ Soulmates said...

Cool :)

PS. Missed ya last night! BN wasn't the same without you :(

Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

Sounds like something my husband would totally dig.

Crystal said...

I loved this book too and can definitely relate to not being able to pronounce scientific terms - I work in science and can't do it :)

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