Luv Ya Bunches by Lauren Myracle

In Luv Ya Bunches, Katie-Rose, Milla, Violet and Yasaman are all experiencing their first week in the 5th grade.

Katie-Rose is the techy one - she normally hides behind her camcorder. She and Camilla or “Milla” for short became friends over the summer at their summer camp. But now that school is about to start Katie-Rose is stressing because she’s not sure if her friendship with Milla will continue.

Milla is the beautiful, popular one. She wears all the trendy clothes, and hangs out with the coolest girls in school (although Modessa and Quin - said coolest girls, are not very nice). She lives with her two mothers and is stressing because slowly she is realizing that the coolest girls in school might not exactly be who she wants to hang out with.

Violet is the new girl in school. She just moved with her father to town and is none too happy about having to leave her friends behind. Not to mention she is suffering over the loss of her mother. She is assessed by the other girls and is promptly offered to be part of the popular clique. She wears the right clothes and has the perfect attitude - but will she fit in?

Then there’s Yasaman - although she’s been in the same school with these other girls, she has always been seen as an outcast. Her classmates see her as different because she wears a hijab and comes from a Muslim family. But underneath all that she is quite the whiz at html code. She has created a social network (similar to MySpace, Facebook, etc.) but she has no friends to tell about it.

The story is told through all four points-of-view, including some fun instant message chats, and some very inventive screenplays and daydreams (courtesy of Katie-Rose). Each girl has her own personality and they all four compliment one another. It touches on topics that are very real to young girls - anywhere from bullying, to fashion sense, to just everyday issues - like overcoming differences and accepting who you are. I loved all the illustrations and the cutesy chat forums were uber adorable. I think all young girls can enjoy this story - it is definitely geared towards the 9-12 age group. It is also noted that this is book one - so we will definitely be reading more about the girls in the future.


Beth F said...

I'll add this to my gift ideas list. Doesn't sound right for me, but I often buy for little friends.

Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

Sounds cute. I love the cover.

Nina said...

I agree with JuJu it really sounds cute and the cover is also cute. :)

Sue-Ellen Welfonder said...

Morning, Ladies!

Nely - Thank you so much for featuring my book on your blog. I appreciate it. I'm delighted to see that you enjoyed the story. Thanks so much for your lovely review.

Beth F - Thank you for considering the book for your gift list. I appreciate it.

Juju - The cover is beautiful, isn't it? I'm sure you know, authors have very little influence over cover art, so it's always so nice to get a really special cover like this one. My publisher's art people were very good to me.

Nina - I hope you'll enjoy the book. I'm glad you, too, like the cover.

Good luck to all of you in the drawing. And thanks so much for stopping in here.

elaing8 said...
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Veens said...

That sounds cute!!! I think Beth is right.. my lovely friends will like it!

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