Have a Little Faith: A True Story by Mitch Albom

Have a Little Faith is the story of two men. Albert Lewis (Mitch Albom's childhood Rabbi from New Jersey) and Henry Covington (an inner-city priest in Detroit). Two men who really have nothing in common except for their faith and the inspiration they bring to their congregation and those who they are in contact with.

Mitch no longer resides in Jersey and finds it rather odd that he is asked by his Rabbi, Albert Lewis (a/k/a "The Reb"), to write his eulogy. Firstly, it's been years since Mitch has been in contact with him. And secondly, he isn't dying, at least, not anytime soon. So Mitch makes it a point to spend time with The Reb to get to know him, and thus begins an 8-year long friendship.

Henry Covington preaches in a run-down church with a gaping hole in the roof to the poorest and the homeless of Detroit. He's a former drug dealer and spent almost a decade behind bars, but has now turned his life over to God.

This is the story of two men, with different beliefs but who have common goals... their faith, their love of God and their congregations.

As a fan of Mr. Albom's previous works, I was excited when I finally got the my hands on Have a Little Faith. In its pages you will find everything that you would expect from a Mitch Albom book... faith, inspiration, joy, tears. But for some reason, and I'm saddened to say this, it fell a little flat for me. Don't take me wrong, I truly enjoyed reading about The Reb and Henry Covington, their experiences and their anecdotes. All in all, I felt that it was missing something. It didn't grip me in the way some of his previous books have. In the end, I'm not sure exactly how much I got out of this book, but it is a good story. One that I think should be read and I can easily see that many will enjoy.

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Juju at Tales of said...

Great review. Definitely something I should read.

Tribute Books said...

Thanks! for the review

Jennifer @ Mrs. Q: Book Addict said...

I loved this book, it was very well written and thought provoking. My favourite part was when he said "My your God, and my God bless you." I reviewed this one as well.

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