Ahoy There Mateys!

It seems like forever since the last time I've blogged. As most of you already know, my little clan and I took a Disney Cruise last week and had the awesomest time ever.

I, of course, have to share some of the pics with y'all. I took over 700 pictures so this is just a quick glimpse into our voyage. If you're interested and, are a Facebook friend, you can see a lot more of the pictures there.

On Thursday, 5/20, we came aboard the Disney Wonder. All I can say is imagine being in a floating Walt Disney World sans the rides, of course. I've never met a friendlier more kid-oriented crew/cruise. There were all sorts of fun things for the kiddies from storytime with your favorite prince, sleepovers with Goofy, puppet shows, camp, I mean there was even a lab to make flubber, kids karaoke, plus many, many more things to do. There were deck parties and there was even a night where pirates took over the ship. Not to mention every night there was a show to be seen - and let me tell you, these were Broadway style shows. There was never a dull moment with adult activities and teen activities - fun was definitely had by all.

On Friday, 5/21, we arrived at the Bahamas. We decided to head out to the infamous Atlantis. Can I just tell you how WOW this place was? It was really WOW! We paid to take a small tour of their aquariums... "The Dig" and with the wrist bands we had we were able to take a tour of their gardens, casino and shops as well. This place was just amazing. Every picture I took looked like a postcard. Too bad we weren't able to use their pool or their beach. We'll definitely do that next time we're there.

The last picture of the bunch there was the funniest thing. That ginormous fish kept following my son around. I think the fish had high hopes that the kid was bait and he wanted dibs. It was hilarious.

After Atlantis, we decided to take a little side tour over to Señor Frogs at the port. So I'll give you a quick recap of how that went. The boys bought us drinks (see below) we had a couple lot of those and then...

this happened!

And through it all the kids had a blast... plus they got these cool balloon hats. I promise they were in good hands though since the boys only wanted to get us girls drunk.

On Saturday, 5/22, we woke up docked at Disney's Castaway Cay... le sigh. I seriously want to live there. I don't care if it's in one of their massage huts, that will definitely work for me. The beach was amazing with this crystal blue water and fishies swimming through your feet. They had tons of stuff in the water to keep the kiddies entertained, including a water slide. There was snorkeling and bike trails, a family beach and adult hideaways, all sorts of characters and special appearances by Jack Sparrow not to mention the Flying Dutchman was anchored right offshore. Oh, and did I mention the food. All the food on the island was part of your cruise deal. Just awesome!

The following morning we were docked back at Port Canaveral... boo! We took a 4 day cruise because we were worried the kids might get seasick or might not like the whole cruise experience... boy, were we wrong. We'll just have to do it again soon! And there you have it a mini recap of our vacay. Now I just have to catch up on my reading. That be all! Arrrrr.


Juju at Tales of said...

Welcome back! I was missing you!

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures :)

I LOVE the last picture!

You look awesome in that pink dress.

Jeanne C. said...

Awesome! A cruise is our family's most favorite vacation! The Disney Cruise looks great!

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I've always wanted to take a cruise but was not sure how fun it would be. Seems like a blast! Can adults go on those in-the-ocean water slides, cuz they look super fun! (My husband and I love theme parks and rides!)

Miller said...

Welcome back! I was missing you! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures :) I LOVE the last picture! You look awesome in that pink dress.

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