Yes, barf... that's how I feel right now. I had a very late lunch and then to top it off I scarfed it down (I was in a hurry) and now I feel like barfing. Fucktastic.

My computer at work has been out of commission all morning. And although our computer tech worked his mad computer skills on it... it still no work! So I'm sitting at another work station - which feels uber uncomfortable to me... I'm used to mine dammit, trying to get some work done.

I'm dying to get outta here. Luckily it's almost 4pm already.

Jennifer and Ethan are coming for dinner tonight. Julio is cooking - yum. He's a good cook - it's surprising. Cleaning lady comes tomorrow - yay me! Which means that once Jennifer leaves I have to start cleaning for the cleaning lady. Yes, I do this. It's not part of her job description to pick up all the shit we have lying around.

That's it. Boring! It's rainy and gloomy - more or less how I feel today. bleh.

Current book-in-progress: The Poisonwood Bible
Current movie/tv obsession: We Own the Night
iTunes Loop: Tonight I'm Gonna Cry - Keith Urban

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