Happy Camper

I worked on my calendar last night. Yes, we're midway through July and now is when I updated my July calendar. It's a little blank but still cute as hell.. if I must say so myself.

The finished product:
I also got this in the mail last night. Woot - it's beautiful. That blue blob towards the bottom is my new e-z pull ribbon holder. They match. So chic.

We also went to Ross and Marshalls last night to shop for work clothes for Julio. I, of course, ended up with some cute new shoes (brown flats) that I wanted. And Jenna got a Bratz stationary set that will be destroyed by the time I make it home tonight. But she basically slept with it. She was so happy. At 4a that little rugrat had the light on in her room (which of course woke me up) and I hear her crying - so I tiptoe over and she is searching under her bed for her new little pencil case and notebook - since she fell asleep with it in her hand. I had removed it last night and put it in my room... well at that time, I had to give it to her and she fell asleep with it again. ugh. She was adorable though telling me she loved me. agh Melts my heart every time.

Julio left for Fort Myers again today. So I am on my own today but luckily he'll be back home tomorrow night.

I sorta told him I want to go on a vacation soon. The sooner the better. Maybe to Sanibel for a long weekend or to take the kids to Disney.... we'll see, but he needs to do something pronto.

Current book-in-progress: The Boelyn Inheritance
Current movie/tv obsession: The Little Mermaid
iTunes Loop: Soulmate by Natasha Beddingfield (I haven't gotten over it yet)

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