The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Upon beginning this book, I couldn't quite believe that a dog could be so articulate and so wise - and then, after a few passionate rants about opposable thumbs and elongated flat tongues along with other such issues of canine concern (crows, monkeys and the evil stuffed zebra - lol), I stopped doubting his dog-ness and started enjoying his overwhelming loyalty, love, and depth as a character. A very touching story that gains a lot from being told from a dog's point of view. A wonderful read, so heart wrenching but interwoven with laugh out loud moments like when Enzo purposefully shat on the Evil Twins carpet after eating the hot pepper! Priceless. I’m not much of a racing fan (as Denny - Enzo’s owner is a race car driver) but I found that the racing metaphors were appropriate and thought-provoking as to what was going in their lives. Enzo's take on human beings and the good and bad they are capable of is unique, and his beliefs in the big question of why we are all here is truly heartwarming. Ultimately, this story is one of hope and I am quite sure that few people will be able to read the end of this novel without a tear in their eye (I certainly shed one or ten). This is not just a book for dog lovers and to say that would be a great disservice. This is a story about love, loyalty, compassion and just reality. This is a story about a family struggling with what life has thrown at them which is both heartbreaking and uplifting in equal measures. I recommend it 100%.

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