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Considering the fucktastic mood I've been in recently, I'm actually in a pretty decent mood today. Don't ask why. I guess it's because I got a good night's sleep.

Julio is out of town until tomorrow night so it's just me and the kids. James just learned how to climb his crib and free fall to the floor - yep - that's his new party trick. So now if he wakes up in the middle of the night he just hollers down my hall and right up into my bed. It's kinda cute if you really think about it. But ugh!! He was in my bed last night at 12:30a and slept there all night. Little booger!

Kenny Chesney concert is in 2 days. I'm uber excited. Wedding is in 4 - ack. Still hoping and planning our trip to Washington DC. Julio seems more positive about it - so it's looking more hopeful. If we do it, it'll be the week before Thanksgiving. So that means the weather over there should be nice and chilly - I love that weather! I can't wait. I hope it works out and we get to go. I need a little get away.

My mood is slowly deteriorating as my boss has called me into his office no less than 3 times since I started writing this entry. Bastard loser!

Aight - gotta go!

Current book-in-progress: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Current movie/tv obsession: Meet the Brown's

iTunes Loop: Enchanted Soundtrack

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