My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Thoughtfully written and clearly very well researched My Sister's Keeper was a somewhat harrowing read, but well presented and the topics raised within it were all relevant to today’s society. The internal struggles of Anna, her sister that she was born to save, and the slow destruction of her family unit are truly heart breaking in places. I found this to be a great introduction to Jodi Piccoult - and although I still haven’t read any of her other books they are definitely something I intend to read in the near future. This book was not an easy read, as the topic itself is very heart-wrenching, but nevertheless I found it enjoyable and thought-provoking. The last chapter had me crying my eyes out!

This book is a MUST READ, FIVE STARS, hands down!

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Anais said...

I know! that book tore my heart out and had it for supper. I really liked it although it does drag at times. Her other books are okay. I think i read another one from her about a suicide (joint i think).

But I do agree this book is a great intro into Jodi

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