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Have you ever had a CD come into your life that made you jump up and down and scream in giddy laughter? That was me last night. (mind you, I’ve had this CD for a while but totally forgot about it)

What is this CD you may be asking yourself...why it is "Living in the 90s".

For those of us who went to school in the 90s this CD has taken me back to an era of slap bracelets, Pogs, pimples, Hyper-color, and awkwardness. Here is a few examples of the music involved.

U Can't Touch This - Okay, I remember watching this video and trying to do that side to side crap MC Hammer did. No, I never had baggy pants like that, but man, I think that crab dance was like the moon walk for our generation.

Joyride - Remember that Spiky haired chick and that other guy? Their video was them in front of a green screen in a fake car. (I think) Can we say Holy Crapola Mr. T, I hadn't heard this song since the year it came out, when it was on everywhere.

Good Vibrations - Remember when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark? And that his brother (from NKOTB fame) was a producer on his CD. And who could forget those abs. puuurrrrrrr......

Pump up the Jam - From a Christian Slater movie, I believe. And anything Christian Slater was top notch in my book in the 90s.

Right Here, Right Now - Watching the world wake up from History...I love that line.

How do you Talk to an Angel - Aaron Spelling’s attempt at teen drama set in the slums blew chunks, but produced this hit. Sadly (or thankfully) the Jamie guy who sang this song never had another hit.

Hold On - by Wilson Phillips. This trio was just crappy enough that when I tried to sing along, I actually thought I sounded better than them. (this was amazing since dogs howl and the heavens start to thunder when I sing)

Poison - by Bel Biv Devoe. Holy Shitola Mr. T, it’s another one that I haven't heard since the 90s. But now it’s stuck in my head.

I Touch Myself - The thing I remember most about this song was the backlash. "*Gasp* A song promoting masturbation instead of sex with someone else. Oh the agony. What in tarnation is this world coming to???"

Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) - Gggiddy gggiddy bop. Blues and hip-hop. I remember this was supposed to be the next thing. But alas it fizzled. I like the lyrics though. It was babble talk set to a good beat....You can dance to it at least.

And the whole reason I bought this CD. The numero uno reason that this CD rocks.....
Can you handle it?

Ice Ice Baby - Every person from the 90s remembers this song. This song was/is the SHIT. To this day, if this song comes on the radio I crank it up. Fuck the stares. This song was great. Granted this white boy was the reason we got the stigma that we couldn't dance. Yes, he pissed off Suge Knight (that's one scary muthafuka) and yes, he did the Cabbage Patch with his tongue hanging out. And how many people could add a pound of bacon into a rap, that my friends is a skill. And a flat top with a rats tail? I am torn on the sexiness of this..... But dude that song is dope.

So there you have my picks of awesome (or awesomely bad) songs of the 90s. Yes, I am a dork. But I am okay with that. Word to ya mutha.....

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