I am tired of men who tail gate! If I am such an awesomely bad driver, why in the hell, would you intentionally ride my bumper at all? I mean there will come a moment when I will need to check my lipgloss, answer my cell phone, or try to fix the snag in my pants. Then I will have to slow down to do my thang and you, the man behind me, will get angry. I see your raised fist while your mouth is going a mile a minute. Hello I am looking in my rear view mirror to re-apply the lipgloss. Think I wouldn't see you? At least when we see another chick driver we stay a few car lengths away from each other (which btw is a law, who knew???) just because we know what could happen. Heck if we get a little too close, the woman ahead of us, gives a little wave and we know who is at the wheel and we back off. Thank goodness I live in a state that if I get rear-ended, my tailgater will be at fault. So guys, know this, next time my children are not in the car, I WILL put on the brakes and you will be forced to back off my ass or hit it. The. Choice. Is. Yours.

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