weekend pics

As promised, here are the weekend pics that I finally had the opportunity to upload this morning:

Here is the entrance to the Theater of the Sea.
Some of the fountains on their paths.
Turtles.. turtles... everywhere.
the bathroom sign... I don't know why but I thought it was cute.
Isalys got pooped on by one of the birdies. Good luck right?
There were colorful parrots all along the paths for our viewing pleasure.

The dolphin show... that's all we saw since the dolphins refused to perform because they were well... horney. ;)
Here is the entrance at John Pennecamp Park.
The view from our boat ride heading out to the reefs.
Some of mangroves the Keys is recognized for.
Here are Carmen and I posing at the front of the ship. This is before we re-enacted the Titanic scene.
My little footsies hanging over the edge while enjoying our glass-bottom boat view of the reef.
This is what the glass floor looked like.
The Molasses Reef looked much more colorful through the glass. These pictures do it no justice.
We're such posers.
One of the locals came out to say HI! I was freaking out because he really was that close and I was terrified he would jump on me or something. I've seen too many movies I guess.
For dinner we headed out to Whale Harbor where I paid $30 for two slices of pizza, a coke, and desert.
Here's Anais enjoying the seafood buffet to the 3rd power. :)
Crab legs... eww.
Back to the posing.

This is the naughtiest she got on the whole trip. And nope, that's not her underwear... dirty minds. She's not wearing any! lol

This is my favorite picture from the whole trip. I think it's so cute.


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