Bed Rest Sucks

So I'm here... in bed. Been doing that for a few days now and can honestly say I am tired of resting. I'm still doing my best to get through my book (Edgar Sawtelle) but I still haven't been able to really get into it so it just keeps dragging on and on. I made my husband take me to Target yesterday and I bought myself 3 books (The Duchess, The Time Traveler's Wife and Second Glance) - I'm excited about those but want to finish Edgar first. So I'm stuck. That's it. Nothing else. Don't have anything to watch on tv, my book sucks and I'm annoyed with Packrat (again). Last night at 4a I was still up. I can't sleep right and I refuse to take Percocet anymore. I think I'm suffering from anxiety. I need to talk to my doctor about that. I can only sleep if I take a Percocet before bed so two days ago I stopped. Therefore I was up till 4a last night and up to 2a the night before. So today I'm refraining from napping throughout the day just to make sure I sleep at night - ugh. Talk about annoying. Not to mention the moment I'm done eating I have to run to the bathroom with (TMI ALERT) explosive diarrhea. I need doctor's help on this too. I HATE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE RIGHT NOW!

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