Today is my first day back to work since my surgery a week and a half ago. I'm feeling pretty decent, still sore, but for the most part A-ok. My only event of the day (TMI ALERT!) was the explosive diarrhea right after lunch. It's back and with a vengeance. I hadn't been pooping at all for a few days. And then yesterday I finally went and it was NORMAL. Today, back to the massive shits. I'm scared to eat. I'm scared to go out and have this happen to me. If the bathroom would have been a little further away there would definitely have been a major accident and it would not have been pretty. THIS SUCKS ASS! The doctor says this will eventually subside - but I can't wait for it to subside. It needs to go away - NOW!

I started reading Dark Curse this morning. It's a relaxing book - nothing too deep or too thought-provoking. *sighs* This is a good thing.

Current book-in-progress: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and Dark Curse
Current movie/tv obsession: Balls of Fury
iTunes Loop: none

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