I cannot believe it has been 7 years since that dreadful 9/11.

I will never forgot that I was working in Rubenstein's office when the news broke out about a small plane having hit one of the towers in NY. I remember one of the girls put on the tv was a bit freaked out because she was one of those hardcore New Yorkers - and then my boss arrived and he was worried calling his brother who worked in one of the towers. And then, as we were watching the news, another plane hit the other tower and that's when all pandemonium broke loose.

I remember we all just sat around the conference room with these pale faces. We couldn't believe our eyes and ears - two commercial plances flew into the Twin Towers. There was another plane that struck the Pentagon. Another landed in a field somewhere... I kept looking out the window expecting a plane to strike our little 15 story building. The New Yorker girl was balling. My boss still wasn't able to get a hold of his brother (who luckily decided to get breakfast that morning and was at a bagel shop across the street when it all happened so he escaped without a scratch). We sat there for about 2.5 hours and finally were told to just go home because obviously no one was going to get work done.

I will never forget sitting at home with tears running down my face, watching the videos being played over and over, of those poor souls who jumped to their deaths so that they wouldn't burn. And when the buildings finally collapsed and the big wall of smoke took over the city- all I could do was cry. The pictures of the people walking out of the city all covered in soot is something that will always be embedded in my mind. I remember not really being able to eat for days after that, being worried of a nation under attack and the possibility of war. Anthrax scares.... the news that we could have prevented some of this...

It's so hard to remember but it's something I will never forget.

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