We saw Nights in Rodanthe last night... and considering I never tend to like a movie based on a book that I've read - because the book is always much better, I really liked it. I thought it stayed true to the book. It had a few subtle changes and I can understand they did what they did to keep the viewer enthralled. I liked it - go watch it.

Well, Saturday is over. I just got out of the shower and am laying down in bed already... super tired as I wasn't able to nap with the kids today. My little one is snuggled up to me just staring at me... he makes me laugh.

I spent the day today shopping and cleaning house. I did groceries and bought a few things for Jenna's B-day get-together. I still need to order a cake and maybe some snacks for the adults to munch on. We also have to decide what we're giving the kids parents to eat. Pizza or Pasta? Decisions. Decisions. It's just going to be about 5 kids plus our 2. We wanted to keep it small and simple.

I still want to decorate the house for Halloween tomorrow. And in honor of our Halloween decorations, Jenna wants me to bake her a cake shaped like a pumpkin. I bought all the ingredients, icing, etc. She's super excited. In between the fun stuff, I also have to wash, dry and put away clothes and finish shopping for b-day and disney trip. Fun Times.

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