So to my daughter's much anticipated delight, we decorated the house for Halloween. My dear husband got up in the attic and brought down the crates holding all the Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations. Not that he was happy about the whole thing - but mama always has secret ways of making him do her bidding... (insert evil laugh).

I took pics of all the fun things we put out as well as our Halloween Cake. Yes, the much anticipated cake was baked and decorated by Jenna and yours truly. You can tell by the pics that she was thrilled. She really thought Halloween was last night but I had to explain that it was basically a little over a month away. Obviously she has no concept of time as she asked me this morning if it was Halloween and then when I said "NO" she asked if it was her Birthday - LoL. Everyday from now 'till the Birthday and Halloween I will get the same question asked.

Here are the pics:

here is Jenna sitting among the decorations. she just wanted to touch and feel everything. look at those teeth - the excitement was thick in the air.

here is the outside entrance to the house. very halloweeny don't you think?

our Halloween "Welcome" sign

a close up of our big light-up pumpkin... I love that thing! and our doormat - yes she kept trying to stomp that spider.

our foyer table and close-up of the pumpkin trio

the guest restroom

our candy dish

miscellaneous Halloween and seasonal candles

I even found orange dish soap - I couldn't help it =)

my Halloween Scentables - courtesy of Bath & Body Works

my October calendar!

the only pic the baby let me take of him all night - he was in a grumpy mood before his bath.

my hubby - the chef! he was cooking dinner while I decorated... that's why I luf him!

and of course, last but not least, our Halloween cake

not bad considering - and it was yummy. There is less than half left already.

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Book ♥ Soulmates said...

I love that you already have your house all spooked out :) That's awesome!!


Nely said...

Hahaha - no my friend - this is last year's Halloween LOL

I still haven't taken any pics of this year's decorations but I'm sure I will over the weekend.

Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

Your baby is beautiful! Love the decorations.

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