Is it Friday yet??? Almost!

I went shopping last night. I figured since Julio was out of town - it was the precise moment to go. I bought me a couple of shirts and some cut-off jeans for our upcoming trip. Angie went along with me and like the doting aunt that she is, she bought Jenna's birthday gift along with some clothes for James (so he wouldn't feel left out). I wasn't able to get much accomplished though because she decided to go shopping into a couple of stores and by the time we checked our watches it was 9p and the mall was closed. Oh well. The remaining things I need for the party I will have to get on Friday night when Julio is here.

On another note, I am getting psyched about our upcoming trip to Disney. I just got an E-mail from the mouse himself (Mickey Mouse) confirming our reservations and sending us a little update on what can be done while in his vicinity. Here is a pic of the hotel we're staying at:

We're only paying $104 bucks a night to stay there (normally goes for $179/night). We're stoked!

2 days till birthday party - Jenna is wetting her pants from the excitement.

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