Momma Made Out Like A Bandit (Part Deux)

If you will recall all those nifty gift cards I got for Christmas, I used them for the better of mankind and for the safety of my children and myself. Yes, that's right I got rid of all the book piles I had in my room that were threatening to tumble down at any moment on one of my kids heads or my toes... Not to mention the books I had in drawers and in my daughter's bookshelf, plus I still have to get the one's I've loaned out, but mostly they all found a nice comfy home to reside in.

This is what my dresser looked like:
This is my nightstand... and I didn't take pics of the one's that were actually in the nightstand:
IKEA is my new hero. For $200 bucks I got this neat bookshelf. It's got nice glass doors to keep all that mean dust out and all my books safe from grubby little fingers. Isn't it beautiful. My husband keeps making fun of me because I keep standing in front of it just starting at it. I LOVE IT! Now I wanna buy more books to fill it up =) I got 2.5 empty shelves. I've already used up my B&N gift cards but I'm only half way through the 4th shelf. Oh well, it's a work in progress.


Beth F said...

Wow. I want a bookcase like that. Very cool. I love Ikea! I don't think we have room for anymore bookcases. We've used up all available wall space in our tiny house.

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

Wow --- Love the glass doors on the book case. I think I may need to make a trip to Ikea very soon!

Josette said...

Haha! I also love standing in front of my bookshelves and looking at my books. Just by looking at them makes me happy.

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