I've been lazy about uploading pictures lately. So here are all the pictures that should have gone up with my recent posts.

The Sanchez 2008 Christms Tree

If you notice we are doing a country tree again this year... it's the easiest thing with my two rugrats since every on the tree is either made out of felt, wood, or iron. Nothing can break. :) Which makes mommy very happy.

These pics were taken about two days ago. I came home from work and look what I found under the tree:

Our Thanksgiving Day spread:


Here we are at Cirque Du Soleil's Corteo. They are really strict about picture taking so the only pics we got were at their gift shop.

The local church fair. Mommy and Daddy were having more fun on this ride then the kids were.

At my grandmothers. The kids eating ice cream - they get all the sweets they want at their great-grandma's house. That's why they love going over there.

The girls from work and I at the Twilight movie premiere.

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