Summer House by Nancy Thayer

Summer House is told through the viewpoints of three women in the same family. Nona- is the 90 year old grandmother and head of the family. Helen- in her late fifties, she is married to Nona's son Worth. And Charlotte- thirty, she's Helen's daughter and is residing yearlong at the summer house in Nantucket along with her grandmother Nona. The Wheelwright family is all gathering together in their summer house for what they call "Family Meeting" (a meeting where the whole family comes together to discuss their assets, finances, and family matters), Nona's 90th Birthday and well, just to sail, swim, play tennis and relax.
The chapters switch back and forth between all three women:

Charlotte started an organic garden on a portion of her grandmother’s land three years ago - she works long, hard days. She has become rather fond of her garden and her business is blooming. She's the dreamer in the family but her work in the garden has really opened her eyes and you can tell that it is helping her firmly plant her feet on steady ground.

Helen has her share of issues - for one, she has been molded to be the perfect wife and more importantly, a Wheelwright - even if it meant giving up on some of her dreams and aspirations. Over the summer she learns of her husbands unfaithfulness and is questioning if she made the right choices over her life. Not to mention she is questioning her mothering skills - neither of her three of children has accomplished what she and her husband envisioned for them in life. Charlotte is stil not married and is running her garden - with no suitors in sight... but especially no grandbabies. Oliver lives with his partner (Owen) in San Francisco - as far away from the family and the family business as possible. And then there's her youngest, who is an alocholic and drug addict - he shows up at the summer house with news of his marraige and a very pregnant wife.

Nona spends most of her days reliving the past. Her beloved husband Herb passed away several years ago leaving her as head of the family. Although she is 90, she is seen as quite a force and is very respected by all. With the family meeting and the whole bunch reunited at her home she has to give up her peaceful daily routine and be the one to help guide and pacify her crazy family members.

This is family drama at it's best. I loved that there were so many characters (some liked and some not so much) and they all had one problem or another including with eachother. I really enjoyed reading the three viewpoints - the age differences made the same event be seen in three different perspectives. This is the second book I read about Nantucket this summer and I am really considering planning a vacation there. Ms. Thayer creates wonders with her words of what life on Nantucket would be like.

This is definitely the book you want to grab and stuff in your beachbag as you are running out the door - it's a light read full of drama, and plenty of family secrets that keep you guessing... I really enjoyed this and would definitely recommend it.

My thanks to Dorothy at Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tours for sending me this copy for review.


Juju said...

Sounds to heavy for me BUT I love your review style :)

Leslie said...

Loved the review! This sounds like a book both my sister and me would like. :)

Natalie W said...

Sounds like a great read. Will have to put this on my list!
Have a great weekend
Natalie :0)

Diane said...

I was hoping for this one. so happy u liked it.

kalea_kane said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I love varied view points! Great review!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to read this!!!

I have an award for you HERE

Storyheart said...

A really interesting review, a good book and an enjoyable guest


Beth F said...

This sounds great! I love multi-generational family books. I think I should read it with my mom and niece!

Mary said...

I really liked this book. I'll be reviewing it for the tour at the end of July.

Lisa said...

Really great review!

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