Home in Time for Christmas by Heather Graham

Melody Tarleton is driving home for Christmas when a man—clad in Revolutionary War-era costume—appears out of nowhere, right in the path of her car. Shaken, she takes in the injured stranger, listening with concern to Jake Mallory's fantastic claim that he's a Patriot soldier, sentenced to death by British authorities. The last thing he remembers is the tug of the noose.
Safe at her parents' house, Melody concocts a story to explain the handsome holiday guest with the courtly manners, strange clothes and nasty bump on the head. Mark, her close friend who wishes he were more, is skeptical and her family is fascinated—though not half so fascinated as Melody herself. Jake is passionate, charming and utterly unlike anyone she's ever met. Can he really be who he claims? And can a man from the distant past be the future she truly longs for?
With the aid of enchanted petals, ancient potions and the peculiar magic of the season, Melody and Jake embark on an unimaginable Christmas adventure—and discover a love that transcends time. [borrowed from]
This was a light, Christmassy read - with great characters and an ending that leaves you feeling all warm and toasty inside. Exactly what a Christmas story should do.
All the characters were fun, witty and had their own distinct personalities that quickly wormed their way into your heart. Although Melody and Jake were the main characters, there were some supporting characters that were so fun. For one, Melody's parents and her brother were so funny. I loved her mother's love of the season and her open and inviting home (reminds me of my grandmother). Melody's brother was just a hoot. Although I did find Jake and Melody's relationship a bit on the lukewarm side, it was still a pleasure to read how it flourished. I also really liked how Ms. Graham acknowledged various Christmas beliefs - it was something she made mention of various times and I really enjoyed that.
This is the perfect book to read while snuggled under a blanket with a couple of hours on hand. It is a wonderful story that will definitely get you in that Christmassy mood.


Juju at Tales of said...

Oh my! This sounds lovely. I want to add this to my holiday reading list. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Aww, sounds like a great Christmassy read. A time traveling hero from the Revolutionary War sounds really interesting and so unique! So adding to my TBR list. :D

Veens said...

I am sure I want this book now. Perfect for the season!

shaunesay said...

I was interested in this one too, hoping to pick up a copy! Thanks for the review!

boliyou said...

This sounds like a cool read. I've added it to my list. Thanks for the review and the tip!

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