The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

Truly Plaice is a larger than life character in every sense of the phrase. She is physically enormous and continues to grow and grow - not only in body but in character, soul and heart.

Truly was not born into a happy and easy life. For one, her mother dies after giving birth to her (she was big from the start). Several years later, her father passes away and leaves her sister Serena Jane and Truly at the hands of the local townsfolk, causing the two to be separated from each other. While Serena Jane goes to live at the local vicar’s house and is given anything her littler heart desires, Truly is sent to live at the Dyerson farm, where life is hard and tough and you have to work hard for what you want. Yet there was always a separation between both sisters - where Truly is large, sturdy, loyal and ugly (on the outside), Serena Jane is petite, beautiful, fragile, flighty and selfish.

Through Truly’s eyes, we are taken on a journey through her life where we meet the people who make lasting impressions on her soul and in our minds. First, there is Robert Morgan, the doctor/brother-in-law who torments Truly for most of his life. Then we meet Marcus, the smartest boy in town who stole Truly’s heart through letters while he was fighting for our country. We also meet Ms. Prissy Sparrow - the teacher who was the first to call Truly "Giant". Amelia, the true sister she finds and the family who took her in when she had no where else to go, who taught her to take life’s punches as they come but to be true to yourself at all times. Truly’s story and the relationship she forges with these people is truly unforgettable.

The magic, the sense of finding oneself through a lifetime of not fitting in anywhere, and coming to peace with that is quite brilliant! This was a charming, heartwarming story with a larger-than-life heroine that was a pleasure to read. I highly recommend it.


Darlene said...

Good review. I loved this book also-one of my favorites of last year for sure.

Michele said...

This book sounds like a wonderful read! I passed it up when I first saw it, but when I read reviews like yours I think I'd better pick it up!

Beth F said...

This sounds fantastic! I read other reviews of this, but yours is the one that has made consider actually reading it. Good job!

Penelopy Masking said...

I just stumbled on your blog by hitting 'next blog' at the top of mine.
I liked your review on this book and I think I might just pick it up actually.


Anonymous said...

I liked the book but maybe I missed something. When Marcus returns home from the war he tells Truley he got 'all her letters' but she only sent him one. The book never answered if someone else was writing to him (Amelia?) or if he was confused? Did I miss something?

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