TMI alert!

I CAN'T POOP! I haven't pooped since Tuesday night - well Wednesday really. Still, that's a long time for me. I HAVE to poop TODAY! I don't feel well today and I think this (the lack of pooping) is the reason why. arghhhhhhhhhhhh


I POOPED! Hallelujah. Feel much better now. Carry on.

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Michael & Anais' Wedding

Here are the pics from the wedding. Everything came out really nice although the weather sucked and it was really hot. I was able to get my make-up done at the Chanel counter with no line no waiting with their *coughs* International Make-Up Artist[e]. Actually he was really nice and did a fantastic job. He made sure that I looked all lifelike vs. the hospital pallor I had that morning. I just had my hair blowed out and I got a really nice pair of flat sandals that matched perfectly with my dress. We got to the wedding late, but luckilly there were more important people who got there after us so I didn't feel that bad. We took a crapload of pictures - this isn't half of them (my hubby got a little carried away). So considering I was handicapped we made the best of it and hung out until I was in so much pain I needed to be rushed home and given 2 Percocet and a bed. I'm glad I didn't miss it.


Pre-Wedding Jitters

Ok - wedding is tonight. It's 11a now. I'm walking with a slight hunch, am suffering from mild pain, and am a bit slow but it looks like I'll be able to make the wedding tonight. Hair is scheduled for 1p. Make-up I'm not going to - I plan on just walking into Macy's buying my shoes and seeing which counter has a make-up artist handy that can do it. My 3:30p at MAC in Pembroke Lakes Mall is just not going to happen - not to mention I don't feel up for it. I can't drive either so my mom will be my chauffer. Julio was able to buy James his pants yesterday and they will both have to make due with whatever shoes they have. Hopefully everything will be done and we'll get to the wedding on time - since Julio has to do all the showering and preparing of the kids. I don't know what I'd do without that man. He's awesome.

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This sh*t only happens to me

I should be released from the hospital some time this morning. Although I'm still not 100% I feel better than I did yesterday so that's a good sign. Now I'm worried about the wedding tomorrow. How am I going to attend my brothers wedding tomorrow when I feel and look like I've been in the hospital for 3.5 days. So much for getting my wax, mani/pedi, hair dyed, etc. Now even if I do go to the wedding I gotta look like a sasquatch - and the hospital pallor that I have acquired really does nothing for my complexion.

I still got a hair and make-up appointment scheduled for tomorrow. But I have to buy shoes for me, both kids, and a pair of pants for James. Yea, tell me about it.


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Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Laparoscopic (lapah-ROS-ko-pik) Cholecystectomy (ko-le-sis-TEK-to-me) is surgery to treat gallbladder and bile duct diseases. These diseases include cholecystitis (swelling of the gallbladder) and cholelithiasis (stones in the gallbladder or bile ducts) - Lucky me I have both.

In a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, small incisions (cuts) are made in your abdomen. Special tools will be inserted along with a laparoscope through these incisions to do the surgery. A laparascope is a long metal tube with a light and tiny video camera on the end. This gives caregivers a clear view of the abdominal area while watching the images on a monitor. During this surgery, your gallbladder and gallstones will be removed. With a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis may be cured and the symptoms they cause relieved.

SOUNDS VERY ENCOURAGING! Wish me luck. I'm being wheeled in to pre-op at 8:30a.


Surgery was done earlier this morning and was a success. I feel like shit. Bring on the PERCOCET baby!

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Pain in my.... side!?!

So last night, I had to drive myself at 3a to the hospital due to a pain that I had in my chest which then transferred itself to my lower back. Talk about fun times. The pain started around 7p while I was still at my mom's house. Luckilly she helped feed and shower the kids - since Julio was in Jacksonville at the time and honestly I felt horrible and wouldn't be able to do it on my own. Around 8:30p I finally decided to just go home. My mom tried to convince me to stay at her house but I told her I'd be fine once I showered and layed down for bed.

I got home, took the kids straight upstairs, showered (with both of them driving me crazy in the bathroom), put the baby in his crib - which no longer phazes him as he came right back to my bed and I advised Jenna I just wasn't feeling well enough to stay up with her. I told her to watch tv in her room until she got tired and then just to come to bed with me once she got sleepy. I called the hubby explained that I was having chest pain (back pain didn't start till later in the evening) but that it was nothing to worry about, etc. and got to bed.

Around 2a I couldn't stand the pain in my side. I didn't know what to do - I was freaking out. So I got up and started walking around the room and then changed into sweat pants and a decent shirt just in case I decided to call 911. I laid backed down, got back up, laid back down - ugh.

At 3a I just couldn't take it any more. So I called my mom and explained that the pain had not subsided but instead had gotten worse and that if she could come over and watch the kids so that I could go to the hospital. She was over in less than 10 mins. God bless her soul. After a brief conversation on what the course of action was to be, I decided to take the kids over to her house so that she wasn't stranded in mine - especially since Julio wouldn't be getting home till late tonight.

I finally drove myself to Memorial Miramar Hospital and explained what I was feeling and after a while the nurse explained that it might have something to do with my gallbladder so they were going to put an IV in and take me to the ER.

Can I tell you I did not sleep all night. They poked and prodded, did a sonogram and came to the conclusion that I had to be admitted since my gallbladder was full of stones and it would most likely need to be removed but that I first needed to see a surgeon so he could determine how bad the situation was.... ugh.

So that's where I am now - sitting in my room with my ass poking out the back of my stylish gown wondering what the hell is going on... and can I tell you I still haven't slept and I can't, even if I try. I had a CT Scan done today - that was pretty cool. I slept for an hour there. Julio should be here shortly. Yay! I need him here with me so I'm not freaking out.


SURGERY is scheduled for early tomorrow. There goes my Kenny Chesney concert. FUCKTASTIC!

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Jibber Jabber

Considering the fucktastic mood I've been in recently, I'm actually in a pretty decent mood today. Don't ask why. I guess it's because I got a good night's sleep.

Julio is out of town until tomorrow night so it's just me and the kids. James just learned how to climb his crib and free fall to the floor - yep - that's his new party trick. So now if he wakes up in the middle of the night he just hollers down my hall and right up into my bed. It's kinda cute if you really think about it. But ugh!! He was in my bed last night at 12:30a and slept there all night. Little booger!

Kenny Chesney concert is in 2 days. I'm uber excited. Wedding is in 4 - ack. Still hoping and planning our trip to Washington DC. Julio seems more positive about it - so it's looking more hopeful. If we do it, it'll be the week before Thanksgiving. So that means the weather over there should be nice and chilly - I love that weather! I can't wait. I hope it works out and we get to go. I need a little get away.

My mood is slowly deteriorating as my boss has called me into his office no less than 3 times since I started writing this entry. Bastard loser!

Aight - gotta go!

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weekend update

Weekend's over! - ugh

Friday night we went to Dolphin Mall - but since it was so late we just had dinner and let the kids play in their play area (their new favorite hangout). We went to Outdoor World and hung out there for a while and then just headed home. No big deal.

On Saturday we went back to the mall. This time we got more accomplished. First, let me tell you that I found the dress that I'm wearing to the wedding and I only searched for it that one time. It was awesome! I saw the dress, tried it on, it fit, I bought. YAY! Done. Now all I need are some shoes and maybe some accessories and I'm done. Julio found his whole outfit at Banana Republic. We got James a cute little shirt, all I gotta buy now are his pants and shoes. Jenna just needs a pair of shoes for her flower girl dress and we're done.

Luckilly I have Friday off so I can finish buying all that's left. I have to dye my hair and get nails and toes done so that on Saturday all I have to do is get my hair did and make-up.

Yesterday we stayed home most of the day. I slept for like 4 hours. I needed it. I was pooped. For dinner we finally went out to Beef O'Brady's and I had their boneless buffalo wings (my new favorite) and some fried oreo's for dessert - can I hear a YUM! We got home just in time to see the Olympics closing ceremony - so sad that it's over. And that is that.

Julio leaves tonight for Jacksonville and won't be back 'till late on Wednesday. Thursday night is our Kenny Chesney concert. I can't wait!

That's all I got folks.

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God, I live for the weekends. I've been looking forward to this weekend since Sunday night =)

Nothing really planned for the weekend. The only thing that NEEDS to be done is that I have to find a dress for my brothers wedding and something for Julio and James. Luckily Jenna is the flower girl and therefore her dress is done. I just have to buy her shoes.

Last night Julio and I talked about possibly going on a small vacation closer to end of the year. I asked for him to take me to Washington DC. I've always wanted to go and tour all the museums and see all the monuments so I think that's where I want to go. My other choices are Chicago or New Orleans. But I think it'll be cooler to see Washington. I just gotta do some research now.

And well that's it. I've been so boring lately. Nothing happening. bleh

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Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon

All the hints and plot points leading up to this one book made it so exciting to read.

It was a very good book, but I wish the second part had been filled out more, more in depth, like the other Dark-Hunter stories were. It seemed like too much time was spent detailing just how much cruelty and depravity was forced onto Ash, and not nearly enough time was spent exploring the Ash of today, and his relationship with Tory. The first part wasn't a walk in the park to read. It was hard to picture and get through but I think that’s what Sherrilyn wanted, she stated in her Authors Note that the first part would be brutal but that's just how Acheron lived. It was the cold hard truth. After the first part, It was all laughs, thrills, sexual tension and kick ass-ing. Loved how the ending left so many new beginnings for the series.

Overall, excellent read. Required reading for any SK fan or minion.


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I'm so annoyed today. I'm going through post-PMS I swear. I can't stand people today! I would do anything to go home and just get under the covers and sleep or read. That's it. I'm broken today. I think I need a psychiatrist.

Not to mention I stil have to buy a dress for the wedding and just thinking about it gives me the sweats. ugh.

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2008 Reading List (cont.)

24- The Boelyn Inheritance - Philippa Gregory (7/11 - 16/08)
25- The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver (7/17 - 8/01/08)
26- ShopGirl - Steve Martin (7/26 - 28/08)
27- The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein (8/03 - 04/08)
28- Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer (8/05 - 11/08)
29- Chasing Harry Winston - Lauren Weisberger (8/11 - 14/08)
30- My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Piccoult (8/15 - 17/08)
31- Turbulent Sea - Christine Feehan (8/18/08)

Michael & Anais Bachelor/ette Get Together

Here are the much awaited pics from Saturday night. We had a great time hanging out with Michael, Anais, Onel, Christian, Carmen and Isalys. Yes people... here is the proof of the things that were done that night.

The happy couple:

Drunken nothings:

Group Shots:

<-- That's Anais' little head there taking a shot.

Jello Shots!

Julio and I - because we rock socks!

The Girls:

Boys will be boys:

Haha -we had a great time. That's it you guys... there's less than two weeks left till the wedding. All I can say is enjoy the day and take everything in because before you know it your wedding day has come and gone.

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