Booking Through Thursday

Once again, this week's BTT is hosted by Deb. To see other answers and to play along, visit the meme's blog.
Hardcover or Paperback?
I'm a hardcover lover (ha - that rhymed :D). I can't help it. If I find the hardcover for a book I tend to buy that.
Illustrations or Just Text?
I mostly read books with just text. There are a few YA novels with some illustrations but I don't own many. I have been meaning to get into graphic novels but I don't know where to start.
First Editions or Don't Care?
I really don't care. It's great when I do find a first edition, but I'm not a collector or anything like that.
Signed by the Author or Not?
I own two books signed by the author. Sure, I would love more of them but it's definately not a requirement.


claire said...

I'm a hardcover lover, too. Although I only buy them used, due to budgetary constraints. :D

Darlene said...

lol-hardcover lover. I'm a trade paperback lover. I adore that new size of them they brought out. Hardcovers are too hard to lug around and find room for, don't you find? I do buy hardcovers of my favorites to keep though.

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