Thursday Tunes (Brandi Carlile)

Thursday Tunes is once again being hosted by S.Krishna.

I took a Thursday Tunes hiatus for a few weeks, but I'm back! This week I want to share with you another favorite of mine, singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile. I was originally introduced to her music through and episode of Grey's Anatomy with her song The Story. Ever since then, I've uploaded about 15 of her songs. I love her sound, her voice - she is amazing.

Take a listen:

These are just some of my favorites. But there are so many more that just blow me away. I hope you enjoy and enjoy your Thursday. For more Thursday Tunes please head on over S.Krishna's.


S. Krishna said...

Great choice! I really like Brandi Carlile as well. Thanks for playing along!

ibeeeg said... not fair. Brandi Carlile was going to my choice for next week...almost posted about her today. **smile**

She is incredible! I love listening to her. The Story is great through and through. I would love to see her live as she is playing locally in the next few weeks but I have to work.

Beth F said...

I just stopped by to say I have an award for you:

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