Thursday Tunes (Lenka)

Thursday Tunes as always is hosted by S.Krishna. If you're interested in seeing what everyone is jamming to, please mosey on over to S.Krishna's

My artist for the week is Australian singer/songwriter Lenka. She has such a fun, folksy sound to her that she has slowing been working her way to becoming one of my favorites. Her songs are folk pop with an upbeat feel to them. Check some of her stuff out:

The Show (I love this video - so if you haven't see it, take the time. It's adorable.) Everytime I hear this song it just brings this smile to my face. It makes me happy.

So enjoy Lenka and have a Happy Thursday!


S. Krishna said...

Ooh, I love Lenka! Great pick!

Anonymous said...

Totally good pick.

I saw her open for my current FAVE artist, MEIKO - have you heard of her?

Lenka is a tad bit sugary-sweet for me - if you feel the same, you might really enjoy Meiko - - have a listen!

ibeeeg said...

Great pick! I have heard of Lenka...I do like her voice.

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