Burning Wild by Christine Feehan

As you all should know by now, I have been a Christine Feehan fan for at least 10 years, if not longer. I’ve read everything the woman has written and I plan to keep doing the same.

With that said, Burning Wild, was how can I say... HOT. This book is part of her Leopard Series or more like an introduction really - since the first two stories in the series were short stories in books that she shares with other authors. Jake Bannaconni is a cold, revenge driven man who likes to take action to make sure things are done his way. He has everything money can buy and will definitely use his money to make sure that doesn’t change. Due to unforseen circumstances, Emma Reynolds loses everything short of her life, she ends up having to rely on Jake for help. Little does she know, that Jake’s plans are for a complete takeover.

Jake was extremely unbalanced emotionally through most of the book, but by the end I felt that we got our hero. He was controlling and moody, and the intimate scenes (which were very long and detailed) were raw (maybe a bit violent for my tastes) and displayed the darker side of the leopard people. We are also introduced to additional leopards which probably means more books in the series should be expected.

I don't believe Ms. Feehan made mistakes with this book, but that depends on how you view the book altogether. I definitely don’t recommend this one as your introduction to her books though. The Dark Series or Drake Sisters Series would be a much better start.


Vanessa Book ♥ Soulmates said...

I Cannot wait to start reading these books! They sound HOT!! YOWZA!!

Teddyree said...

Great review. I love her Dark series but haven't started on this one yet!!

Anonymous said...

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