My Little Red Book by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

My Little Red Book is a collection of stories about first periods from women throughout the world. This anthology includes positive, negative and indifferent experiences from ordinary women and girls, in addition to well known authors and high profile feminists.

This book is riddled with stories of girls thinking they were dying upon getting it, or those that looked forward to getting it for years and when they finally got it, how it took them by surprise, those who were looking forward to becoming a woman, or getting the curse. It was very interesting to read the stories of women from different religions and cultures and what their customs were. I also liked reading the stories of the women who dealt with belts?? to be honest I had never heard of that. Sadly, I am one of those girls that never read Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. I had no idea Judy Blume’s books were most girls introduction to periods back in that time. So many of the stories mention the book - that I think I might read it now.

My Little Red Book is a must for all women who have ever felt shamed or awkward about their period and also for every girl’s first period kit. This is the type of book you want to have around when you have “that” conversation.

Rachel Kauder Nalebuff is 18 years old - (she has a great first period story herself) - yes, someone that young came up with such an excellent idea. All the proceeds of her book are going to women’s health organizations that help and provide women with information and supplies for their periods. You can find out more about this book and even share your own first period story at

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tea said...

Really good review, I've never heard of this book.

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