Sanibel Island, FL

Having a great time on my vacation. My computer is super slow here... thus why I've taken so long to upload some pictures. These are mostly from yesterday. The beach here is super cool... there are tons of shells on the sand and everyone is just walking around searching for pretty ones. Obviously, this is one of my kids favorite things to do. We were picking shells yesterday for several hours and I'm sure that once the sun dies down a little we'll be back out there for more. As for mommy, not a lot of reading has been done, but I have been able to just sit back and soak in the beach (which has made my cold pretty much disappear... finally!) as well as gotten a couple of hundred pages into The Castaways.

Here are some pictures of me and the kids:

Shells... shells... and more shells.

Talk about a book with a view... huh? Yep, this is the life.

I'm not sure I'll be back before the weekend. I'm having too much trouble with the computer and it's just too time consuming. I'll have some reviews up on the weekend that I have due. Have a great week and if I'm not back before then, a Happy Fourth of July!


Darlene said...

Glad you're feeling better! I'm so jealous of all that sun soaking that's going on. lol. Your kids are just beautiful-great pics!

Ana S. said...

That's the life indeed! If you don't make it back, have fun and see you next week :)

Book Soulmates said...

That cold you had was a bitch! I'm glad you're finally getting over it and you can enjoy your vacay :)

I'm glad you're having a great time...we'll have to hit up B&N when you get back!!

Miss ya!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Everyone looks so happy. Hey who wouldn't be there right? have fun

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Your kiddos are so cute! Enjoy vacation! Love the last pic - perfect vacation :)

Beth F said...

Love, love. love the photos. Glad you're feeling better. Have loads of fun in the sand and sea!!

Missy B. said...

Sanibel is so beautiful! I used to live in Ft Myers. I had bagfuls of sea shells! I know that you and your family are having an awesome time.
Have fun and relax on your vacation!

M. said...

Your kids are so gorgeous I forgot to be jealous of your great vacation spot!

Tootie said...

Your post came in my Google Sanibel Alerts, that's why I dropped by. :-)

Your little ones are too cute! Hopefully the rough water we've had the last couple of days will bring in, even more of a variety of shells for them to pick from. Have a wonderful vacation.

Michele said...

Love the pics, especially the one with the book view...very unique and makes me jealous!!! LOL. Have fun!

Vanessa Book ♥ Soulmates said...

Nely, my friend! We missed you yesterday! We went a little nuts with the books! lol. We sooooo need to catch up on our B&N time!

I LOVE your pics!! The kiddies look adorable! Looks like you had a GREAT get-away!!! YAY! You totally deserve it :)


The Reading Momster said...

Wow! That's an awesome vacation spot! Beaches are awesome..!
And your babies are sooper cute :)
and the last pic is so cool! A Book with a view :)

Glad you are feeling better, and have a great time@!
Have a happy 4th of July~

Linda Nguyen said...

Hi Nelaine,
Your kids are adorable. I like that beach book picture. =)

I've just received a copy of The Man's book. Thanks again for hosting the giveaways back then. I'm sure my honey will enjoy the read. =)

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