The Wolves' Keeper Legend by Sylvia Weber

From the beginning of time, it seemed that rivalry between man and wolf was at the root of man’s dislike for the animal, discovered only too well by Sealgair. Was his fate forever to be condemned to isolation, to see terror and hate in the eyes of the ones he once loved? All he could see in his mind was the last picture of Awena’s beloved face, which he carried in his heart for all his life.

Was the only way out to discover the special secret held by the papyrus-pearl in the stone pot - what secrets could this hold? And which stone pot could keep that precious secret when there were so many of them?

Seann’s quest to find the pearls and uncover the secret ended with tragic consequences, resulting in him not only discovering the truth of his birth and who his real mother and father were, but the realization that his father lived among the wolves.
(taken from back cover of book)

This book takes you and submerges you into this magical world that you become completely immersed in and when you’re finally done reading it you can’t believe you read it so quickly and are saddened that it’s over. Ms. Weber weaves a magical tale with her words. This is an epic journey about believing in yourself and finding the strength to overcome obstacles - with a love story sprinkled in for good measure. I found it very useful that we had a table at the front of the book helping out with vocabulary as well as characters - since there are some words that I had never heard before. The characters were well fleshed out and I really enjoyed the story of Sealgair and Awena. I recommend this for young and older readers alike, or anyone who enjoys fantasy, good writing and magical characters.

To learn more about author Syliva Weber, you can visit her on her webiste or her blog.


Sylvia said...

Dear Nely, thank you so much, so much. This is a ray of sunshine in a grey day, for me.

Anonymous said...

It looks interesting! if I can find it somewhere I'll give it a try :) thanks for the info!

The Reading Momster said...

Wow! I if I can find this book, I will most surely give it a try!~

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