And One Last Thing by Molly Harper

In Molly Harpers, And One Last Thing, we meet Lacey Terwilliger who has just found out that her husband is cheating on her with his secretary.. the nerve! Like any woman scorned, she is blinded by the sheer fact that she wants REVENGE! So she sends out an e-mail detailing her husbands philandering ways... what she didn't expect was the fallout.

In the hopes of hiding out for a while, Lacey makes a quick escape, and goes out to her family's lakeside cabin. There she meets neighbor Monroe - dark, brooding and definitely not looking for any drama in his life.

Lacey will definitely have to make some important decisions - her career/job, her marriage, decide on permanent living arrangements... and whether she can be with a man who is blunt and honest and does not tell her what she wants to hear...

This is chick lit at its finest. Molly Harper not only gives you a fun, spunky and witty heroine - but she also gives you a very quirky tale about one woman's life going up in flames and how she proudly emerges from its ashes.

I have to say that I absolutely loved how not only do we get some real emotions but we also get some zany, wacky and more than once laugh-out-loud moments all wrapped up into this one great story. Lacey is a phenomenal leading lady. She always finds herself in some sort of trouble (mostly by her own doing) and when you finally think she's in the clear, she jumps right into another load of trouble. Monroe and his Hugh Jackman looks... well, need I say more. There were also some very lovable and endearing supporting characters (i.e. Lacey's brother, Emmett, the husband-stealing secretary, Maya - Lacey's potential work partner, etc.).

Although very entertaining, Lacey's feelings, emotions and growth throughout the story were realistically depicted. You really get to know her, she literally feels like a friend by the end of the book. Very well done.

This is one that I can highly recommend to fans of chick lit or even contemporary romance. It has just the right amount of ingredients to make it a very enjoyable read. Loved it.

This book was provided for review by Simon and Schuster.


Tales of Whimsy said...

Yah! I love when characters become friends :)

Jennifer said...

Definitely going to be picking this one up for the beach or something. I have heard nothing but good things about it. Even people who don't like chick lit seem to enjoy this book!

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