Bookcase of the Week - Starring... Vera from Luxury Reading


This week's featured guest on the Bookcase of the Week is Vera from Luxury Reading. Vera's blog was one of the first that I came across when I finally decided to convert my blog into a dedicated book blog.  So needless to say, I was stoked when she agreed to participate in the Bookcase of the Week.  And not only did she agree to participate, but she sent over a ton of pictures for y'all to see.  Hooray!  I love these glimpses we get into our bibliophile friend's home... and Vera's pictures were quite a treat.  So many books and shelves literally made my heart pitter-patter.  See for yourselves:

This is part of my personal library... a SMALL part! As you can see, I'm in dire need of new shelves.

Some of my 2nd floor shelves.

This is my "to be reviewed" closet and there are more books on the top, but I just couldn't get them all in! I stash books here until I read them myself or send them to my reviewers.

One of the shelves in my office. This is part of my personal library.
Here's my messy desk where I spend a lot of time blogging. As you can see, the book stacks are everywhere! My next big purchase will be two huge flat screen monitors instead of this tiny one.
This is my trusty laptop and my new favorite accessory....the Phillips cushion pad!
I got it from Amazon Vine and haven't parted with it since. I love watching my DVRed shows and blogging at the same time, so the laptop is key. 

This is my little reading nook. That blanket has my sorority, TriDelta, shield on it. I've had it since college.
And these are some of the many many boxes that are sitting on my 2nd floor and waiting to be sent off to Blogmania winners!
My reading buddies, Gucci and Bella (top picture) and Yoshi (below). You can find more info on them here.
My thanks go out to Vera for not only participating in my little feature but for having responded so quickly and with so many pictures.  Vera, I thank you for sharing your shelves with us.  I got the feeling from your pictures that there are books all over your home - I have a smile on my face just thinking about it.  You also have the cutest pets ever.  I love how they pose for the camera. 

For those of you who haven't passed on through to Vera's yet (and I'm sure it's very few of you), please visit her here (tell her I say HI!)


A Watson said...

Everytime you post Bookcase of the Week I want to drop everything I'm doing and go buy a bookcase for my lovely books sitting on the lonely floor due to a stuffed bookcase! :)

A Watson Blog

bermudaonion said...

She's got me thinking - I wonder if I can convert a closet into a review closet. I love it!

Vera said...

Yes, a review closet is very handy and keeps the mess behind a door!

Kate Scott said...

A review closet... now there's an idea! Seriously, I am super-envious of those shelves. = )

agirlreads said...

Oh the cute kitties! Adorable! I love all your bookshelves, they look a little like mine - in need of organising, mine sure do :)

Vera said...

Yes! I was thinking of organizing them by color but it seems like such a HUGE undertaking!

Lola said...

Wowzers! That is a LOT of books! Thanks for sharing! :)

Violet said...

I love to see bookshelves overflowing. :) And I love that your adorable black and white pets coordinate with your black and white shelves. :)

Unknown said...

Great post! Vera has a terrific blog! There are great reviews, awesome informative posts & cool giveaways. I love gettig a glimpse into her "book life"! Oh boy does Vera have a lot of books!

I adore Gucci & Bella, they are adorable & beautiful! Yoshi is a real cutie & looks like he's probably quite a ham!

Thank you for a awesome post!
~ Amy

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

If I had a closet of books, I'd be afraid to go into that room for fear of avalanche.

And I want a cushion pad! Looks so cool.

Great pictures. I love drooling over bookshelves and the many, many books stuffed into them. :D

Tales of Whimsy said...

Her babies are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I get so excited sneaking peaks at people's book shelves!! Am I the only one comparing my books to the shelves! Hahahaha

ErinPaperbackstash said...

I love your little reading nook!

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