Bookcase of the Week - Starring... Holly from Good Golly Miss Holly


This week's featured guest on the Bookcase of the Week is Holly from Good Golly Miss Holly. I recently met Holly through Goodreads.  She contacted me about reviewing a book as part of one of her ARC tours.  I have obviously been stalking her blog ever since.  When I contacted Holly about doing the Bookcase of the Week event she readily agreed and within a few days I had her pictures and even a whole post to go with them (I love her!).  Here's what she sent:

Hey Guys, my name is Holly and I run Good Golly Miss Holly, a blog revolving around all my favourite upcoming and newly released YA titles plus a few random posts every so often. Nely has asked me to take over her Bookcase of the Week featurette for today, hope you enjoy checking out the reading and blogging areas of my home!

- My Must-Read Bookshelf :)
In total I have two shelves set aside in my bedroom for books plus a mini bookshelf in the spare room bulging with YA books and a few from other genres but today I just wanted to show off my favourite of all which I think you can guess was recently tidied for this exact post. I decided to re-arrange all my must-reads to the very top shelf and this is what you can see here. The hanging cupcakes, flowers and yellow buttons infront of the books is actually meant to go in a doorway but I thought it looked much prettier here and it works well :)

What's on the shelf right now, I hear you ask? Well there's The Karma Club, Glee, The Boyfriend List, Chasing Charlie Duskin, Posse, Six Impossible Things, The Byron Journal and plenty more!

My immediate TBR stack sits right next to this pile of books (not pictured) which includes the titles you guys vote in via Saturday Selection so I can keep track of them but so I still have some range in what I read, every second book is a personal selection and sitting on the pile right now are Jersey Tomatoes Are The Best and Graffiti Moon. 

My Reading Space!
Now onto the area where I do most of my reading... my comfy bed! On my bedside table you can probably just make out the book I'm currently reading which is Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles. Also worthy of a mention is the Paramore poster and Hello Kitty pillow above my headboard, the flying cow which I've had for years that hangs from my ceiling and the lamp on the right hand side of the image which totally fails at providing good lighting while I'm reading.

My Reading Buddy!
Then we have my reading companion, Missy, a jack russell x Chihuahua who would give up her snugly blanket to have a beanbag all of her own and is happy to sit across the room on it while I'm reading for at least an hour or so.

Where the blogging happens...
Last but not least, you can find my computer where I do all my blogging, listen to music, play games and keep in touch with friends and family! Any time during the week you can usually find a stack of the books I've recently received sitting here but at the moment all that's around is a  need-to-review copy of Babe In Boyland. I also have a jar of lollies, a bottle of water which I'm never far from and a wireless mouse which comes in very handy!

And there you have it. My contribution into the Bookcase of the Week feature. I hope you all enjoyed viewing my shelves as well as my blogging accessories. Head on over to my blog, if you feel like adding yourself to my follower list!

Holly, thank you so much for playing along.  We loved the glimpses into your home (in Australia - for those of you who don't know).  I love the colors in your room.  They make me happy.  Thank you so much for sharing your blogging accessories, you know we love to see (yes, we're nosy like that!).  

For those of you who haven't passed on through to Holly's yet, please visit her here (tell her I say HI!)


Cass said...

Wow! Very cool that you got to do a bookshelf feature, Holly. ;) Your room seems really quirky; I absolutely ADORE the flying cow, that guitar model and Missy. I'm sure my Tofu (Maltese x ShihTzu) would be terrified of him; he's not very brave. :/ Once on a walk, there were two chihuahuas barking at him behind a fence, and he RAN for it!

I'm seeing some really good titles on your must-read bookshelf, that I must read. All in good time.

I SO love this feature, Nely, as I've said with each post. Everyone has such great bookshelves, and I'm nosy so I love looking at these kinds of posts. :P

bermudaonion said...

What a cool space - I love her shelves, her cow, and most of all, her reading buddy!

Eleni said...

Love how colorful your room is!

Nina said...

That's really cool! I love looking at shelves. :)

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I love looking at these! Your room is totally unique and very cool!

Tales of Whimsy said...

That is one adorable reading pal :)

Mrs. DeRaps said...

So cute and cozy! And, that little doggie has it made.

Holly said...

haha, thanks for all the wonderful comments, guys! This feature is so great that I even spent time reading through my own post just now, lmao. KEEP EM COMING :)

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