Bookcase of the Week - Starring... Liz from Cleverly Inked


One of this week's featured guests on the Bookcase of the Week is Liz from Cleverly Inked.  I love that her profile says that she is a book consumer because... well they consume a lot of her life.  I love that!  You guys have to see all the cool pictures that she sent us.  Have a look for yourselves:

Hey everyone I'm Liz @ Cleverly Inked. For those who don't know me I am a book reviewer, mainly YA but I like to spread my wings and review all kinds. 

Nely has some serious patience considering she had to wait forever for me to finally get these pics to her.  She is always graceful about it though! 

Without any further waiting here are my secret reading hiding spots. Well not so secret now. I try to sneak away when ever I can to get some peace and to me there are no better spots in my area then these.

You can see the barrier holding the dunes up I usually hang out there. (except when the ants come out.) This over looks the beach:

This is at a local beach it's usually quiet, maybe one or two people hanging out.

This next spot is my absolute favorite. I am a river baby and I could never imagine growing up anywhere else. No one is ever around except a dolphin or manatee. Kinda cool, the day I went to take the pictures for this both manatee and dolphin decided to grace me with their presence.

As you can imagine it so calming, what better way to relax?

Thank you Nely for having patience of a Saint and having me on your amazing blog.

Just a quick note, after I thanked Liz for all the wonderful  pictures she sent us of her secret favorite reading spots and, of course, confessed about how we (me included) all would be so jealous, I then reminded her that she might also want to share her bookshelves.  lol   

Here's what she sent the second time around:

I don't keep all of my books, I get rid of about 50% of them. Out of the ones I keep I put in plastic containers and pack away for a day when I will actually have enough room to spread out.

This is my ARC shelf. I have to keep it locked up because my son is a sneaky monkey. This isn't all of them just ones I started to organize. (not very well mind you)

On to the closet shelf. This is were I keep my signed books, books I want to read, books that seemed to have appeared out of thin air, books that should be packed away, books that I just can't part with. I also keep all kinds of stuff there as well. I even have Teens Read and Writes bookmark on there. (love their blog) I keep my shelf in the closet because again I have a sneaky monkey and I have to keep my closet locked up.

As of now I don't really display my books on shelves through the house because I again have a sneaky monkey. I would be really upset if that sneaky monkey destroyed them. I figure in about 3 years I won't have a sneaky monkey he may have progressed to just a monkey. Until then I can dream.
Liz, I absolutely loved, loved, loved all your pictures!  I can't begin to thank you for playing along.  This was a very lovely post.  I started laughing when I read that you had a "sneaky monkey" because I call my kids (3 and 5) my monkeys too.  It's funny because I say Monkey!  and they both respond. I must say that I am uber jealous of those secret reading spots you have.  I live about 15 minutes from the beach and don't get over there as much as I'd like - and when I do, I end up not reading as much as I'd like (I have to run around after my monkeys).   

For those of you who haven't passed on through to Liz's yet, please visit her here (tell her I say HI!)


Blueicegal ♥ said...

Ahh i forgot how pretty your blog is :) thanks for sharing Liz loved the pics and gosh its beautiful there lucky!!

Unknown said...

Oh, how I would love to live that close to the water! I now have these pangs of wanting to go back to our vacation spot on the Outerbanks where I read 6 books in 6 days last summer. If I'm in the right spot, I am one happy reader. (Maybe I should have named my blog that?)

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Liz!

Tina F said...

Love your site and now I love Cleverly Inked. :-)

Kulsuma said...

Oh wow! You live in such a beautiful area, I would love to live there! And your bookshelves are just as beautiful. Thanks for sharing pics!

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

LOL! Liz is the cutest.

Gawd, just looking at those beach pictures was relaxing. I'd love to be able to read there.

Thanks for sharing. :D

Tales of Whimsy said...

What a great post :) I love her favorite reading spots :)

Michelle said...

Gah, I want to know where Liz is in the world. I lived in SW Florida for 4 years up until 2008 and I miss seeing the manatee!

Thanks for sharing :)

Veens said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE her place of hiding with a book...where is this place!!!

Lola said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the picture of the dock. Just gorgeous! I am so jealous of your secret spots! :P

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