Rise Again by Ben Tripp

Author: Ben Tripp
Pages: 384
Genre: Horror
Source:  Gallery Books
Danny Adelman is a veteran of the Iraq war suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.  She is working as the Sheriff in the quiet town of Forest Peak (which is about an hour outside of LA).  She knows she's not going to have a good day when she wakes with a hangover, realizes her young sister Kelly has run away in none other than her car and dreads dealing with the crowds at the town's Independence Day gathering.  What more could go wrong right?  She definitely wasn't expecting for people to grip their heads, screaming at the top of their lungs, run off and eventually drop dead, and rise as flesh-eating corpses.

This book scared me to death.  I don't know what my infatuation with zombies is... I'm not a fan of scary movies nor do I read a lot of horror, but tell me it's a zombie book and I just MUST read it.  Thus was the case with Rise Again, and although it did scare me to death, I could not put it down.

Mr. Tripp created one bad-ass heroine in Danny.  She is not perfect - far from it - but her strength, perseverance, the need to protect the civilians that have remarkably put their trust in her to help save them as well as her unstoppable need to find her missing sister were something that I was in awe of.   She grew on me and I found myself cringing and more than once not wanting to turn the page in fear that something would happen to her or some of the other characters.  As with all zombie books, I'm always afraid to love a character for fear of them getting killed off.  I truly think this is what up's the fear factor in these books for me.  Some of the supporting characters were awesome as well, and some were just the type that you love to hate.  I love how humanity always turns against itself at one point or another in these type of books.  Sometimes the zombies are the least of the worries.

In the end, I loved this book!  It was not overly gory nor overly violent, although there is both, yet it was done in a tasteful manner.  I mean it is a zombie book - blood, guts and brains are expected.  But what I found refreshing were its rich characters, great action and tight, well-paced story.  Horror and, especially, zombie lovers will find a gem in this one.

My Rating:


M.A.D. said...

Enjoyed the review :D
Rise Again is one I'm eager to read, sounds terrific.

Anonymous said...

I just finished the book tonight....and it was freakin awesome. I am not a reader by any means...but I love zombies. As a kid my favorite movie was Night of the Living Dead. I would have nightmares about the undead chasing me...wake up in a pool of sweat...realize it was a dream and watch the movie again as I would fall back to sleep lol. This book needs to be made into a movie. Oh and Mr Tripp has let the cat out of the bag....there will be a sequel...and in his words " it makes Rise Again look like a slumber party"

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